Selling your property shouldn't be frustrating. I aim to make it as easy as possible for my sellers. Since I entered the real estate industry at the end of 2009, I've seen it all! Listing homes has changed drastically, especially as technology has evolved. I'm always looking for new ways to showcase a property and make sure it stands out above the competition.

Energetic and Excited to Get Started

When we meet, you will see I am energetic and excited to get to work for you. That excitement continues throughout our entire relationship; when I begin marketing your home all the way through our successful closing. I'm always eager to get a head start on marketing a property or preparing for it to be showcased in its best light. For example, if we're going to be listing your property during the winter months, it's common for me to be proactive and take professional photos in the fall to ensure that the home is shown at its best rather than just posting dreary winter snow pictures. Across the board, I want to make sure that my sellers are happy with the process and the outcome.

Attentive to Every Detail

When I visit a home, I take my time and preview it just like a buyer would and make note of any items that a buyer might take into consideration when deciding whether to make an offer. I will make any recommendations that might be necessary in order to successfully market the property. Is work needed? I have contacts for that! I know plumbers, cleaners, handypersons, painters, electricians, staging consultants, and more, all of whom can help provide the pieces necessary to make your home look its best.

Accurate Pricing and Marketing Strategy Recommendations

I take the time to carefully research the local real estate market, create a fair Master Market Analysis of the home, and provide an accurate pricing strategy recommendation that will make it easier for you to sell your home for the highest profit. 
This pricing strategy recommendation will avoid wasted time on the market and the lowball offers that often come along after a property has been for sale for an extended period of time after initially being overpriced. I also help my clients avoid low appraisals that might cause a prospective buyer to terminate the contract at the last minute since you will have a reasonable and accurate pricing assessment of the home from the beginning.

Education at Every Step of the Process

Selling your home is almost as complex as buying. In many cases, sellers will end up with numerous questions about what comes next and how they can maximize the value of the sale. I aim to provide my sellers with essential recommendations at every stage of the process, including a comprehensive education that can help them make decisions about what repairs or upgrades they want to make, how to strategically price the home, and even what they might expect when they receive an offer. 

Knowledge of the Local Area

I grew up in Macomb County and, as an adult, live in Clarkston. I've lived across Metro Detroit my entire life, and it has taken me to several different areas of the greater metro area. As a result, I have a strong knowledge base of the local area, including what the real estate market looks like and how you can maximize your overall profits when selling a property. 
Are you ready to put your property on the market in the Metro Detroit area? Are you considering putting your property up for sale but still have questions about the process? I'm here to help. Contact me today to learn more about the selling process and how you can maximize the results of your sale.

Work With Me

It is so important to connect with a real estate professional that understands your needs and provides you with the first-class representation you deserve. Whether you are interested in selling a home, purchasing a new home or investing in real estate, I strive to do just that for you! Communication is key when working with a REALTOR which is why we will walk hand in hand throughout the entire process to personally and effectively achieve your goals. I want to be your resource for life!